Wheel of Cash Rules


Shirley’s Way is a non-profit 501c3 90-1024077 Gaming License # ORG0002527 PRIZE MUST be Claimed within 30 days after the day the winning ticket is pulled. Unclaimed prizes from Wheel of Cash will be donated back to Shirley’s Way

 The drawing is held every Friday night at  Shirley’s Way Charitable Gaming – 10966 Dixie Highway at 5:00p.m. It will be streamed to Youtube and Facebook

Visit the Shirley’s Way Official YouTube page to watch all of our raffles live

WHAT IS THE Wheel of Cash?

  1. The Wheel of Cash consists of 2 game boards purchased from a certified gaming vendor. The first Board is the Primary game board with 72 numbers. The second board is the Bonus board consisting of 36 numbers. All cards remaining and flipped will be displayed on our website at www.WheelofCashLIVE.org
  2. The Wheel of Cash drawing will occur every Friday evening at 5:00 p.m (online), with one ticket drawn, starting on February 21, 2020, at Shirley’s Way Charitable Gaming Room, 10966 Dixie Highway, Louisville KY 40272. Ticket sales stop at 6:45 p.m. on Friday nights. All drawings are streamed to the Shirley’s Way YouTube channel located at www.YouTube.com/c/ShirleysWay
  3. Shirley’s Way will fund the initial pot with a Jackpot of $10,000.00 ($5,000 on the Primary Board and $5,000 on the Bonus Board. Tickets are $2 each with no limit on the number of tickets that can be purchased. One ($1) will be applied to the Primary Board and One ($1) will be applied to the Bonus Board. All tickets sold are double stub tickets so you may print your name, phone number, and 2 numbers to turn in and retain a stub for your proof of purchase. The 1st number is for the Primary Board and the 2nd number (must be circled) is for the Bonus Board


  1. The card number selected by using calculator.net will be flipped from the Primary Board. If the number cut from the Primary Board directs you to the Bonus board, the 2nd number selected online will be cut from the Bonus Board. The JACKPOT is determined by what is behind the number on the Board. The WINNER will receive 50% of the jackpot written at the top of the Primary Board and if the Primary Board directs you to cut from the Bonus Board and the Bonus Board is won, the WINNER will receive 50% of the Bonus Board. The remaining portion of the funds will go to Shirley’s Way to fund its charitable mission.


  1. If the card flipped is NOT the prize card all the tickets will be cleared from the database and NEW tickets will be sold for the following weeks drawing.   TICKETS WILL NOT CARRYOVER FROM ONE WEEK’S DRAWING TO THE NEXT. A NEW TICKET MUST BE PURCHASED FOR EACH WEEK’S DRAWING TO PARTICIPATE.
  2. For group purchases, in the event of a disagreement amongst the purchasers, the only obligation of Shirley’s Way is to issue the prize in the name of the person listed on the winning ticket.


  1. All WINNERS are responsible for paying the applicable taxes on any prize they win. All prizes over $600.00 will be paid by check and Shirley’s Way will issue the WINNER a W2G, which will require the WINNER to provide her/his social security number. NO prize will be paid until the W2G information is provided. If a WINNER is unwilling to fill out a W2G, the prize will revert back to Shirley’s Way. For prizes of $5,000.00 or greater, Shirley’s Way is required to withhold the IRS backup withholding tax, currently set at 24% per IRS rules and regulations, and KY 5% backup withholding tax.
  2. Shirley’s Way reserves the right to require any WINNER to complete an affidavit of eligibility prior to payment of any prize.

9.To claim a winning prize, the purchaser must provide the email issued at purchase and valid government-issued identification.


  1. Any ticket purchased and returned to Shirley’s Way for play shall become the sole property of Shirley’s Way and the WINNER waives any right to possession of the ticket.
  2. All WINNERS agree that their image and identity may be used by Shirley’s Way for advertising purposes or any other lawful purpose without compensation.
  3. You must be 18 years of age or older to play. If a WINNER is not 18 years of age or older the prize is forfeited and shall revert to Shirley’s Way.
  4. Shirley’s Way reserves the right to list any WINNER on any subsequent advertising, into perpetuity, without compensation.
  5. Shirley’s Way reserves the right to discard any online purchase if it determines, in its sole discretion, that the purchase may have been affected by hacking, security breaches, bugs, or any other type of online tampering. Such purchase may be discarded and ruled ineligible after a winning draw only upon good cause and within 48 hours of the drawing. Due to the nature of online ticket purchases. It is possible but unlikely that we could have a duplicate ticket situation. This could happen if 2 people purchase tickets at the same exact time. The digital ticketing tool assigns ticket numbers as they are purchased. We often have a large number of tickets purchased at the very last minute which could cause a duplicate ticket situation. If a duplicate ticket is selected we will enter into a “Showdown”. The “Showdown” numbers on our list are directly to the left of the first names on our list of tickets. We will place the “Showdown” numbers in Calculator.net. and a winner will be selected from the identified duplicate ticket holders. See the Example in the graphic below. Our “Showdown” numbers are highlighted in red. The numbers 8-11 are just for illustration in this example and could be different numbers during the actual drawing. IE: 8 (lower limit) and 11 (upper limit) would be entered in Caluculator.net and a winner would be generated.

  1. This contest is only valid in the Commonwealth of Kentucky. This contest is void where prohibited by law.
  2. All tickets purchased will be entered into the Shirley’s Way donation database so Shirley’s Way can communicate about upcoming drawings and specials.
  3. The winner need not be present to win.
  4. #HAFF, #goHAFF, and any other version of HAFF is defined as half the pot. Half was not available when we began our drawings so we selected HAFF.